Client Friend Testimonial

Linda Hartman

The Bucks County resident became ill and needed help. A call from Caring for Friends gave her not only food but friendship as well.

Linda encourages others to consider volunteering or delivering. “I live completely alone. I have nobody to help me — I would have nothing,” she says.

“You’re saving


life, really.”

About three years ago, Bucks County native Linda Hartman became very ill and was hardly eating. Until one day in early 2020, Caring for Friends called her out of nowhere and offered to deliver her meals. It was a surprise since she never signed up and to this day still doesn’t know who referred her.

It was a blessing because she wouldn’t have had anything to eat without the free meal delivery program.

One of Caring for Friends’ food coordinators set up a time and day to drop off food, and then she was matched with her driver, Joe Palermo, who has been delivering food to her biweekly for over two years.

“Joe is very, very nice. He’s a gem,” Linda said.

Joe and Linda built a friendship over the years and he became familiar with her favorite foods. He customizes her meal box with salmon or fish and chips, or surprises her with soups because she loves fish and the different variety of soups donated by the community.

For an extra treat, he brings her breakfast snack bags that have her favorite juice boxes and caring notes from the generous kids who volunteer their time making kind notes for people in need, which she enjoys.

Linda always looks forward to Joe’s visits. At times when he could not deliver to her, she grew concerned and left him messages to make sure he was feeling well. Besides a friend who lives in Toms River, NJ, and visits once a month, Linda only has Joe to bring her food and friendship.

She encourages others to consider volunteering to make meals or deliver them. “I live completely alone. I have nobody to help me — I would have nothing” without Joe, she explains. “You’re saving somebody’s life, really.”

Linda’s story is more than about bringing life-saving meals for a homebound person. It is about friendship, which is at the core of Caring for Friends’ mission. Learn how you can become a hero for a hungry, lonely person, and volunteer today.

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