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Aid for Friends is now known as Caring for Friends


Volunteer cooking

The founder of Caring for Friends™, Rita Ungaro-Schiavone, would place a tray on her dinner table and fill it for someone in need as she fed her family.

This belief of feeding your friends as you would your family is still true today in our organization.

Caring for Friends provides meals to isolated, elderly, and disabled people who don’t have the means to cook for themselves. In many cases, 7 meals are delivered by volunteer visitors who spend quality time visiting with client friends.

We’re able to serve close to 300,000 meals a year thanks to the generosity and dedication of our volunteer cooks. Many of our volunteers have been cooking with us for over 20 years. If you’re interested in cooking a meal, it’s easy to do!

Getting started as an on-site volunteer cook

Caring for Friends professional kitchen at 12271 Townsend Road, Philadelphia is looking for groups (6-12 people) interested in preparing food with our kitchen manager.

This is a fun group activity! You don’t need previous experience, just the desire to make food for others who can’t prepare it themselves. Call 215-464-2224 to sign up!

Getting started as a virtual volunteer cook

Caring for Friends provides tins for meals, plastic bags to store them in, and labels. You provide the contents, the cooking skill, and the time to assemble the meals.

Many meals are prepared by individuals in their home kitchens on a steady basis throughout the year. They just make an extra portion 1 night a week.

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Cooking as a group

We also encourage groups to get together to cook. We have participants who invite their neighbors and friends to gather in their home and spend a few hours group cooking for Caring for Friends. We provide packaging materials for the meals, as well as instructions and assistance on how to deliver the food.

Cooking in a group at our Caring Kitchen

Cooking may be done at our commercial kitchen in Philadelphia or onsite at your organization. Corporate groups, religious and community organizations, schools, scouts, and fraternities/sororities cook in groups as service activities and team-building events. For corporations, cooking can be a great team-building activity!

Cooking sessions at our facilities can last anywhere from 2 to 4 hours depending on your group’s needs. Groups can either cook food provided by Caring for Friends or provide their own ingredients for the meals they will prepare. They can also bring items pre-cooked.

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