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Aid for Friends is now known as Caring for Friends

Caring for Friends Downloads

Helpful Caring for Friends downloads


Things to keep in mind during a visit

For our Caring for Friends™ volunteer visitors, here are some things to keep in mind while visiting a client, including conversation starters to help meaningful socialization get started.

Cooking tips

If you would like to contribute meals to be placed in our network of freezers across the Philadelphia area, here are some tips on what type of meals work best for the unique dietary needs of our clients.

Food safety

To ensure the health and safety of our clients, here are food safety tips to follow while preparing meal donations.

How to Write a Caring Note

Check out our how to guide for making caring notes from home!


Annual reports

Gain insight into our finances and donations each year.

Volunteer Waiver

Download a copy of our complete volunteer waiver as indicated on the bottom of our volunteer waiver “short form”.

How to Assemble a Meal Tray

Download a photo of how to fill/assemble a meal tray that you can share at your group cooking event or with individuals in your community who would like to prepare meals for neighbors.

A small gift of inspiration

Our team has assembled a few of our favorite words of inspiration for you in gratitude for your many volunteer hours, ongoing kindness, and financial support. The COVID quarantine and related unemployment caused the need for food to skyrocket. We would have been lost without you! Please click here to print and enjoy!

How to assemble a snack bag

Our team is always looking to help with breakfast and snacks for the kids and seniors we serve. Please use your own pantry items or host a food drive to assemble some caring snack bags that help our friends get through their day with a smile!


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